Rose Kuli 8" Fishing Tools Multifunctional Aluminum Fishing Lure Pliers


    • Clamp uses unique punch design to combine strength with beauty.
    • Material: special aluminum alloy for body.SUS 420 stainless steel for jaws.
    • Technics:CNC machine for each unit to ensure top-grade quality.
    • Treatment: Anodize coated on surface with multi-colors.
    • Precision sharpened tungsten carbide cutters.Easy cutting braided line & wire steel.

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    High strength aluminum alloy with T6 heat treatment, and cutting from CNC machine to precise tolerances.
    Capable at hook removing, ring opening, lead pressing, etc.
    High hardness and anticorrosion stainless steel jaws.
    Tungsten carbide cutters can easily cut PE, carbon and nylon line.
    High elasticity PU handle rope.
    excellent anti-rust material in seawater practicability.

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