Fish Grip, AdiyZ Fish Lip Grabber Gripper Grip


    • The plastic fish grip is amazing , with this fish gripper you will never lose your fish. The fish grabber clamps down on the fish's lip and allows you to easily hold your fish, but also the fish gripper can protect your hand and the fish
    • As the fish grip is almost plastic, it is rust-free. The fish grabber is tough and durable. Besides, the lip gripper can float in case the gripper drops into the water
    • The design of the fish grip is great, it feels good in hand. The gripper is easy to open and close via one hand operation. The fish grip comes with good elastic lanyard
    • The fish lip gripper can glow fairly in the dark, which can add more fun and interest to your fishing experience
    • AdiyZ fish grip is only available in AdiyZ store. If you have any question about the fish grip, you are very welcome to contact us and we will do our best to protect your right and interest in online shopping. Refund in 30 days is supported.

    Product Detail

    Product Description


    The fish grip is well made in almost plastics. It can be good for large and small fish. This fish grip from AdiyZ can well clamp down on the fish's lip
    without doing any harm to your hand and fish. The lip gripper will be quite gentle on fish. It is easy in one hand operation. The lip gripper can keep your
    fingers from hooks. Moreover, the gripper can support the weight of 50 pounds.

    To sum up, it is the good-quality AdiyZ fish grip dedicated to your enjoyment in fishing.